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Call for papers
The Romanian Journal of Museums (RJM)Theme: Museum ProjectsSubmission deadline: March 1st, 2009
The Romanian Journal of Museums (RJM) invites museum specialists to submitpapers for publication consideration in the first issue of the Journal for2009, dedicated to successful projects developed in museums.
RJM is the only Romanian publication dedicated to all museum specialists andto all types of museums - Art, History, Archeology or Natural History,public or private, national, county's or local. Since 1965, the Journal hasbeen a forum for the specialists, a space of exchanging ideas, of presentingsuccessful projects in museum field, on the national or international level,of debating best practices or the latest museum standards. RJM has beengreeting contributions from all sectors of museum-related work - curatorial,design, conservation and educational programmes.
Among the contributors are Virgil Ştefan Niţulescu, secretary of state inthe Romanian Ministry of Culture and the President of the Romanian NationalCommitee of ICOM, Patrick Greene, who reorganise the Museum of Science andIndustry of Manchester, or Giovanni Pinna, Chairperson of ICOM Italy in2003.
The objective of this issue is to present projects that have been developedin museums and whose results have/had an impact on the museum audience or onthe museum work.
The topics could include:- the impact of the project on developing the audiences- rethinking the permanent exhibition- new approaches in exhibition design- outstanding temporary / travelling exhibitions- original educational programmes and other public programs- reaching out communities- cooperation with other organizations etc.
The paper should be between 10 and 15 pages long (TNR - 12 pt., spacing -1.5lines). Harvard citation system should be used. Author(s) should specifyfull name, institution, address of the institution, email address. Allpictures should be submitted separately, jpeg format, titled fig.no.1,fig.no.2 and so on. Inside the paper, figures' placement should be specifiedas follows: fig.no.1: title, source or other information if the case.
Timeline:Deadline of submission: 1st of March 2009Author notification: 7th of March 2009Final acceptance of paper: 14th of March 2009
Please submit an electronic version of the paper to:Mihaela Murgoci, editor in chief, email: mihaela.murgoci@revistamuzeelor.ro