luni, 11 aprilie 2011

1.Conference Voices in and around the Museum - London, May

I attach the link to a conference about museums held in UCL. Museums, as far as I understand, should be more than just collectors of objects; they should be also places of interpretation  - that make more than just exhibit objects - but also to tell some of the datas and stories that are attached to these objects.

Me myself I have to preapare an exhibition to be opened on 1rst of June in Sala Irina Nicolau, in the Museum of the Romanian Peasant.
The theme/ title of the exhibition is: Big and Small. Ethnographic objects in their context. Initially I thought to chose this "simple"/ visual theme in order to manage to communicate my message to evererybody from the museum but also from the visitors' side. Now, after few months since the idea came to my mind, I realize it is not such simple as I initially thought...
Any way - these Big and small objects from the museum's deposits - I intend to exhibit them in different glass cases but also with different modalities of documenting them. The stories around the objects are to be taken out from the deposits and museum employees, archives and people's memories.
To be continued...