sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2018

Below the Surface

Promotie Vitrine


Are you bored with museums? This museum in Amsterdam seems like a good remedy for that.
I did not see it, but I would love to. This one and The Museum of Jurassic Technology!
Let's start a list of the weird independent sector.

marți, 19 iunie 2018

Local History Museums and Ordinary Curating in London

Have you ever wondered why some people around the world are so fascinated with heritage, local memory and local history?
If the big museums in London are too predictable, you can take a different route: the small local history museums, that seem to exist in each London neighbourhood and where ordinary curating finds its home.


For example,
What can be more interesting than to see a micro museum about a big museum project - The Crystal Palace?

The Crystal Palace Museum

The Crystal Palace Museum tells the story of the Hyde Park and Sydenham Crystal Palaces using photographs and displays of original documents and ceramics.
The museum is located inside the only surviving building built by the Crystal Palace Company circa 1880.
Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace, London SE19 2BA
Tel: 020 8676 0700
OpenSat & Sun 11:00 - 3:30
Admission - FREE