vineri, 18 iulie 2014

Susan Hiller: An anthropologist who decided to become an artists

Susan Hiller
Susan Hiller, Work in Progress, Friday , 1980
Susan Hiller
Work in Progress, Friday 1980
© Susan Hiller.

Would like to know more about Hiller's 'process of collecting and restaging cultural artefacts and experiences' and 'how visual imagery can inform the understanding of intellectual ideas' (see

marți, 15 iulie 2014

100 of the Most Influential Ethnographies and Anthropology Texts

A selection:

An obvious reaction to looking at these titles is saying I have read this and that, and I would like to read this and that! But also, and here I feel some butterflies in my tummy - happyness, feeling that people around can start writing better ethnographies in anthropology, books to inspire...