marți, 20 aprilie 2010

States of spirit

"I dream of a school in which what will be taught is, quite frankly, nothing: where people will leave peacefully and modestly, in a corner of some town, and a few young people will come there to free themselves of the tyranny of professors... Don't you see that they too have something to say, to affirm? And that we do not always have anything to tell them? We are merely mediators between them and themselves... States of spirit, that's what must be given to others; not contents, not advice, not teachings." (Constantin Noica translated by Catherine Verdery in National Ideology under Socialism. Identity and Cultural Politics in Ceusescu's Romania)

Nu stiu cat e de ok sa mai citezi din protocronisti in ziua de azi... si cat de perfida poate fi oa stfel de manipulare, prin stari de spirit...
Stiu doar ca atunci cand eu m-am luminat de la unul si alta, asa am facut-o. Si muzeele, ca si oamenii, induc stari de spirit.

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